Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Demystifying Monochromatic

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary the word, "Monochromatic" is defined as:  having or made up of one color or shades of one color.

Frequently, this may lead people to become intimidated by the sheer amount of options and colors available.  The interested parties need not be, this is a classic and timeless way to created a cohesive and rich look through varying texture and textiles.  The photos below are just a small sample of gorgeous and sumptuously achieved monochromatic color schemes.  Enjoy!

Law Stallsmith-Jahn, Interior Designer

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trellis is Everywhere

One may think that the ever present "Imperial Trellis" pattern is just another fad, done well by some and exhausted with overuse by others.  Upon further inspection however, it may be found that when used properly, it can be timeless.  See these examples of gorgeous Imperial Trellis applications. Enjoy!

Law Stallsmith-Jahn, Interior Designer

 On the Ceiling

 Wallpaper Accent Wall
 Stenciled Tray
 Wastebasket (Stenciled or Wallpaper)
 Mosaic Tile Application

 Stencil Kits (Available Online)

 Wallpaper for Powder Room
 Traditional Sofa Updated


Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Hour Anyone?

 For those of you who can manage to keep a bottle of spirits around the house for longer than a week, I have two things to say:  I’m jealous and you HAVE to own a bar!  Joking aside; there are some incredibly awesome bar carts and chests out there for the taking, or should I say buying?  Here are a few that will make any time you have a cocktail, the happiest of hours.  

Seriously, it's named after me!
Bloomingdales Marty Serving Cart

Arteriors Connaught Bar Cart in Antique Brass or Polished Nickel

Ralph Lauren One Fifth Trunk Bar

CB2 Swig Swoon Mini Bar

Henredon Serving Cart

MGBW Collins Bar

Arteriors Dorchester Bar

Ralph Lauren Modern Hollywood Bar


Marty Boyle, Interior Designer
Chicago Interiors

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's All in the Details

Design challenges aren't nearly as challenging these days.  The longer I am in the business, the easier it seems to get.  That being said, I came across one of the biggest challenges of my career this last year.  My wonderful boyfriend moved in and brought one piece of furniture . . . a brightly red painted, distressed, children’s dresser.  Even worse, there was only one place that it would fit, the living room.  I was instructed that I could not paint it and it being his childhood dresser, that he had an attachment to, I couldn’t chuck it.  After a long review of our relationship I decided not to dump him.  As I sat and stared at his little setup with his dresser and some of his daughters things displayed on top, I knew there wasn’t much I could do but I had to do something. 

A quick change to some diverse accessories and my “bright” idea of getting great, big Chinese hardware to give a more grown-up, eclectic vibe and Wa-la!

You can find some great hardware, including this, at the link below.

Whether it’s a kid’s dresser, your great grandmother’s console or your dated kitchen cabinets, consider updating the details.  New hardware is a great start!! 
Marty Boyle,Interior Designer
Chicago Interiors 

Crystal Clear

Crystal has an air of elegance, a crisp appearance and its beauty has lasted the test of time.  The intricate cuts that have been so familiar to crystal in the past have taken a back seat to a more simplistic modern form.  It is crystal clear, to add a bit of glam to your space these pieces will do the trick.

Currey and Co Maharani Chandelier

                                                 Regina Andrew Large Crystal Obelisk 
                                                Currey and Co Moonglow table Lamp

                                                       Global Views Brilliant Pillar

                                           Regina Andrew Crystal Mini Oval Lamp
Marquis by Waterford - 10' Sheridan Vase

Global Views Fortune Teller Sconce

Lauren Home Glen Plaid Barware

                                                      Horchow Rock Crystal Lamp

                       Visual Comfort Large George II Chandelier in Crystal with Polished Silver

Marty Boyle, Interior Designer
Chicago Interiors