Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's All in the Details

Design challenges aren't nearly as challenging these days.  The longer I am in the business, the easier it seems to get.  That being said, I came across one of the biggest challenges of my career this last year.  My wonderful boyfriend moved in and brought one piece of furniture . . . a brightly red painted, distressed, children’s dresser.  Even worse, there was only one place that it would fit, the living room.  I was instructed that I could not paint it and it being his childhood dresser, that he had an attachment to, I couldn’t chuck it.  After a long review of our relationship I decided not to dump him.  As I sat and stared at his little setup with his dresser and some of his daughters things displayed on top, I knew there wasn’t much I could do but I had to do something. 

A quick change to some diverse accessories and my “bright” idea of getting great, big Chinese hardware to give a more grown-up, eclectic vibe and Wa-la!

You can find some great hardware, including this, at the link below.

Whether it’s a kid’s dresser, your great grandmother’s console or your dated kitchen cabinets, consider updating the details.  New hardware is a great start!! 
Marty Boyle,Interior Designer
Chicago Interiors 

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