Friday, November 18, 2011

Gingers Are In!

Unfortunately, I am not talking about the queried beauty of the red head.  I say "unfortunately" because I come from a long line of them.  No, I am talking about Ginger Jars!  Their exquisite proportions have long been loved.  In this age where old is new again, take a look at these spectacular pieces that give gingers a bright future!

A New Take on the Blue and White Ginger Jar -

                                                            Emilia Ceramics Ginger Jar

A Pop of Pink -
                                                                     Luca and Eve

Go Big or Go Home -


Chevron is in too!! -
Emilia Ceramics

A Little Bit of Detail -
                                                           Global Views Ginger Jars

And a Little Bit of Pattern -

Dana Gibson

Always a Classic -

 - Marty Boyle, Interior Designer

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  1. Thanks for the mention - we love ginger jars too! We included you in our recent blog post about decorating in creative ways with ginger jar lamps, color, and more.