Friday, January 20, 2012

Alternate Headboard Ideas

A headboard doesn't have to be traditional, or even necessarily a piece of furniture.  A multitude of alternate headboards have popped up and can be used anywhere from a child's room to an elegant master bedroom retreat.  With very few limitations for these creations, it is all based on imagination and ingenuity.  Enjoy!

Law Stallsmith-Jahn, Interior Designer

Elegant mantle headboard.  Make from existing mantle or a bought piece from an antique or vintage store.
Natural Branch Headboard

Painted "faux" headboard

Pillow Headboard

Antique Mantle/ Molding

Cornice with Draperies


Same Fabric as bedding applied like wallpaper

Fabric covered wood rectangles

Vintage Shutters

Contrasting Wallpaper

Wood Boards, excellent for a cottage

Corona in velvet or mohair

Wallpaper Applique

Wood boxes covered in polycarbonate sheets, twinkle lights inside.  Great "night light"

Headboard with Storage

Stencil, great for a tight space!

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