Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Do's

The Do-It-Yourself craze has hit an all-time high!  We now have hundreds of new TV shows and thousands of Internet sites (Pinterest being a personal favorite!) encouraging the average person to take on design challenges.   Though I am all about saving money and customizing design, two HUGE benefits of DIY design, some things just look CHEAP!  Here are some DIY Do’s that won’t cheapen the look of your home from an expert (yes, I’m an expert!).  
Turn an Armoire into a Bar!

Change up Dated Furniture (cool hardware works wonders!)


Revive that Chair - anyone can do this with a little paint, fun fabric and a staple gun!  Also, a great idea for desk or vanity chair since you can usually find a single, interesting shaped chair at re-sale shops!

Paint Tricks! - you will need a stencil for some of these



Picture Wall - Tips first!!!  All of the frames should lay inside an imaginary rectangle or square.  Unless you know what you're doing, make all frames similar (with different colored pictures) OR all the pictures black and white or sepia toned (frames can vary greatly); this will create continuity.  For a modern look keep everything black and white!  The most IMPORTANT thing is that the collage fits the scale of the wall; DON'T make it too small!

To Be Continued. . .

Marty Boyle,  Interior Designer
Chicago Interiors

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